Posted by Court on 17th Oct 2021

Fall Conditions

Watch for redds! Brown trout will start spawning here soon, please be cautious of wading and avoid any areas in the river where the rocks look to be brushed off and clean. These are where browns lay their eggs.

We had our few weeks of fall it seems, now with the snow and wet weather the fishing has changed some. For the better in our opinion though. There have been some solid BWO hatches happening throughout the mid day. Fish are readily looking up during these hatches and having a variety of patterns will help. Smaller sizes too; 18-20's seem to be well liked. At that size I always like having a parachute style dry or tying a larger size on above my smaller dry to act as a indicator. I watched one pod of 5-6 browns feeding on these BWO's on the Blacksmith Fork on Friday and was amazed at how they even refused natural bugs. So don't get to discouraged if fish are not hitting your fly. Just keep casting and your patience will pay off. If you can cast into the quicker edges of pools this will sometime entice a strike as the trout has less time to think about their food choice. Great dry flies for the Logan and Blacksmith right now would be any BWO adult pattern; our BWO Parachute Emerger is always a favorite. Parachute Adams, Mating Midges and Fuzzballs all work well throughout the mid part of the day. Nymphs are working well on both rivers. Your standard Prince Nymphs, Copper Johns (regular and black) and Pheasant tails will all pick up fish. Our BWO Biot Nymph is one you'll want to have if you see them start hatching. Fished in a size 16-18 trailing off a dry is killer. As for streamers now is a great time to cast and strip. It doesn't have to be big and articulated either. Good ole' Zonkers and bead headed buggers will do the trick. 

I fished the Blacksmith Fork Friday afternoon and had success fishing our Slim Jim ( a new euro pattern that will be available in 2022). I sat and watched these fish rising for BWO adults and after catching a few on some dries I switched to this nymph. I liked how soft this slim but heavy fly entered the water, especially casting into a slow pool where fish usually spook with a heavier splash. It entered the water very soft and did very well grabbing the trout that were not actively feeding on adult BWO's. I caught more fish nymphing than I did on dries, don't overlook the fish you cant see.