October Fishing

Posted by Court on 4th Oct 2021

October Fishing

The weather has cooled nicely and given us a nice preview of fall weather. The best thing about the cool down is the crowds start to slim down but the fishing is still very good. We've had a lot of fun on our local waters this last week.

Black Smith Fork: Fishing well and you should start throwing streamers along the undercut banks and deeper pools. We took a day and helped the DWR do some electro surveying along a section of the river. We collected around 800 fish in about a 100 yard stretch. That can be humbling to hear or promising however you look at it. There are fish in the river, a cautious approach can be all the difference in landing a few more fish. Streamers work well as the browns start to ramp up heading into the spawn. We like our Big Ass Buggers in White and Autumn, but it's hard to be a classic autumn girdle bug and bead head wooly bugger.

Logan River: Look for October caddis, these are bigger cousins to the standard caddis you'll see fluttering around. This can be fun hatch to fish that is underutilized by fisherman. Try tying on an actual October Caddis pattern or an oversized brown October Caddis will work too. The dreaded Mop Fly works as a caddis nymph along with dredgers and other grub style caddis patterns.

The Narrows: The water is low and the fishing is hot. This a great spot to get out if your a beginner or taking a new fisherman. Pheasant tail nymphs, mini buggers under an indicator, hot headed nymph patterns have all been working well. We've seen some good caddis hatched in the middle of the day but the day we were there, they were not looking up. Having some caddis dries in your box is definately worth it though.