13th Jan 2021

Local Fishing Report

January 13, 2021

We've been able to sneak out of the shop for a few lunch break river trips. Our home waters we fish are the Blacksmith Fork and Logan River. Here is an updated report on fly fishing these two rivers.

Blacksmith Fork: Our guys in the shop have been hitting the river hard over the last two weeks. Look for midge's coming off on warmer cloudy days. Fish stage in the back eddies of pools and will sip these adults and emerging little bugs. We've good success with Mating Midges, Griffiths Gnats, Zebra's and Fuzzballs. As for  nymphing, try smaller golden stones down on the bottom and in deeper pools with slower current. B12 Shots in green and orange are great this time of year as an attractor. Also fishing Zebra's and other smaller traditional nymphs are working well.

Logan River: The lower section of the river is fishing well and you can find some great action for Whitefish down by the dams. Copper Johns, Rainbow Warriors and B12 Shots are go to flies. Midge action is happening, we love the warmer days (mainly for us), but there is some strong midge hatches happening in back eddies and slower currents near the banks. Try Mating Midges, Fuzzball's, CDC Adult Midges. If we get a good streak of warm weather, look for small BWO's to come off. Fish are typically holding deeper so don't be afraid to dredge the deeper runs. 

Narrows: Great midge fishing along the banks. Look for fish rising or surface disturbance. Our favorite midge is the Fuzzball right now on the river. We have had good luck with euro patterns; Foxie nymphs and Hot Spot Pheasant Tails have produced well. Drifting balanced leeches has produced some fish as well. We always recomend olive colored streamers for this section of the Bear.